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Droppen. Blood transfusion depot.

Billboard ads and T-shirt designs for giveaways to blood-donors. Copy in ads explaining the design in a cheeky way.

Copy: Sweden is a funny country. All winter we stay inside and keep our heads down. But then when the sun appears again, we reach towards the light like flowers. We embrace summer. All of a sudden we are outdoors all the time and we start noticing people around us. We blossom and become more luscious, tastier and more desirable. Also desirable are those people who give completely unselfishly. Who squeezes out their excess only for the sake of helping another human being. Blood-donors are like that. That’s why they get the sweetest tee this summer as thanks for being tasty individuals. More juicy people, please!

Copy: What’s obvious to some is like brain surgery to others, that’s just the way it is. Once you get the hang of something it usually becomes a piece of cake. It’s actually quite impossible to grasp why it doesn’t come as natural to everyone else. Some characters who ‘gets it’ big time are blood-donors. Fifteen minutes. 2 cups of blood lost. But substantially richer as individuals. And on top of that they get a fancy tee.