About me

I’ve worked as a creative and copywriter in advertising since a couple of years back. I come from a background of moving around a lot and working at mainly tourist resorts. It has satisfied both my need for fun activities and change of scenery.
I’m impulsive and always up for a new challenge, and I guess that’s one of the reasons why I love my job in advertising. When I’m not working I’m usually outdoors running, skiing, climbing, doing yoga or other physical activities.
My personality is inspiring and outgoing. I rarely do anything half heartedly and I enjoy realizing my quirky ideas. I love hanging out with my friends and cooking. A very social being who always gets new ideas in my head.

Sunny side up, senior creative/copywriter Aug 09-
Creative work, research, strategic planning, concepts, copywriting, client responsibility

Jerlov Communication, senior creative/copywriter Aug 08-July 09
Creative work, research, strategic planning, concepts, copywriting, client responsibility

SCP Advertising agency, internship April-June 08
Creative work, research, copywriting

Silver egg in Swedish Guldägget 2010, PR. Barnsäkerhetens År, Jerlov. Diploma in Swedish Guldägget 2010, Event. Barnsäkerhetens År, Jerlov. Diploma in Swedish Spinn Awards (PR). Barnsäkerhetens År, Jerlov.

Creative Advertising and Marketing graduate -08
Diploma in Advanced Vocational Education and Training
KY-akademien, College of further education

Marketing level A and B University of Gävle -06

Research and Writing, University of Technology, Sydney -06

Contemporary Cultures, UTS, Sydney -06

Power and Change in Australia, UTS, Sydney -06

Communication Information Society, UTS, Sydney -06

Kosta Boda/Orrefors, IHM Business School, Gothenburg Book Fair, Volvia Insurances, Prêt à Porter Group, Pandalus Seafood, Renault Insurances, Hans Andersson Recycling, Karlsson Retailer, Kvillebäcken Property Developer, Droppen Blood transfusion depot, City of Gothenburg, Harbour of Gothenburg, Almedahls Licensing, Latour Industries, DirektMedia, Run Bina Run.

Coach in Hjärna. Hjärta. Cash. A competition in social entrepreneurship.
Driving force in She Creatives Sweden, Gothenburg region.
Interviewed by ADA, Association for Design and Advertising, Gothenburg.

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